Your reliable partner in Russia.
Russian industrial distributor.

  1. Product range
    AO Berg AB imports and sells in Russia high-quality bearings, linear motion systems (ball bushings, shafts, linear guides, ballscrews, actuators, telescopic columns), industrial transmission parts (chains, belts, pulleys), free wheel clutches, lubricants, tools and instruments for maintenance of bearings, centrifugal fans and other industrial goods. Established in 1998 Berg AB is authorized distributor of SKF since 1999 and an official Russian distributor of several well-known foreign manufacturers from the EU, Japan, South Korea and the USA.

  2. Customers
    More than 4,000 customers consider Berg AB as their supplier. Among them are end users, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), service and trading companies, from small to multinational companies. BERG AB supplies companies in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, woodworking, mining, oil, machine building, aerospace, shipbuilding, printing and other industries. BERG AB operates both in the market of spare parts and leads large long-term projects on supplying parts to equipment manufacturers.

  3. Geography of deliveries
    Central office is in Moscow, representative office is in Omsk (Siberia). Customers are in all regions of Russia in Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

  4. Employees
    Employees of BERG AB - 50 people - are a close-knit team of like-minded people. All employees have excellent education and experience in their field, more than 30 % of them have a good command of technical English, which is important for the Russian market and allows us to provide quick technical information from manufacturers to customers. There are 20 sales engineers in AO BERG AB.

  5. Marketing
    BERG AB is not only a reliable supplier of quality foreign products, but also a supplier of reliable technical information in Russian for Russian engineers. This information is distributed through more than 35 internet sites. More than 15,000 copies of leaflets describing new technical products are printed every year. Advertisement is published in all important engineering guides, magazines and journals. The company participates in special trade fairs. Company engineers often visit major customers together with manufacturers.

  6. IT
    Offer, accounting, HR, websites, CRM, CMS and other data is based on 9 servers, supported by highly qualified IT specialists.

  7. Warehouse
    The range of bearings and industrial transmissions parts on stock contains more than 5000 designations with the total value of 1 million USD. The increase in stock is based on specialized statistical algorithms developed in BERG AB.

  8. Logistics
    BERG AB receives 2-3 deliveries per week. Goods from all over the world are delivered directly to AO BERG AB or the goods are consolidated at the warehouse in Germany with further delivery to Russia. Products are delivered to all regions of Russia within 1-5 days.

  9. Financial indicators
    BERG AB turnover in 2021 was more than 12 million USD. BERG AB has credit lines from SKF and other suppliers.

BERG AB presents your quality products on the promising Russian market. We are looking for and ready to buy SKF and other bearings of high quality and parts of industrial equipment. You will find your reliable partner in the company BERG AB. Tel: +74957272272, +74952233070
BERG AB CEO, Vladimir Fedorov